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Cachaça Weber Haus Amburana Gold 38% - 70 cl


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The color is pure golden - sweet and woody bouquet with a complex and distinctive finish. BOTTLE 70cl. - 38 ° ABV.

The color and a pure golden - sweet and woody bouquet with a complex and marked finish The nose perceives a pleasant olfactory bouquet, composed of hints of vanilla, which returns to the palate, where we also encounter hints of chocolate The sip is well balanced and of excellent length.

Aged 1 year, in Amburana wooden barrels. (Brazilian wood)

To be enjoyed smooth and very versatile in cocktail mixing. (Sour, frozen and fruit based)
Playboy Selective Listed on the 20 best Cachaças in Brazil - 2011

Gold Medal: World Competition in Belgium - 2012
Gold medal: VIP Ranking Gold Cachaça - VIP Magazine - 2012
Silver medal: 21st Expo Cachaça - Brazil - 2012
Summit Cachaça: 29th among 50 best Cachaça - 2014
Best Cachaça 2014: Concurs Mundial of Brussels - 2014
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